Look after yourself.


Tugsy, rightly pointed out that despite my good intentions I really didn’t stick to my word, and write over here like I intended. I guess I have no real worthy excuse for not writing either, it’s not like I don’t use my computer, as well as my iPhone, EVERYDAY.

Needless to say, here I am, once more pledging my commitment, to writing in my own personal blog. It’s strange in essence why I’d even make such a statement, because the reality should be, that I write for me, and the audience really, most of the time, is _only_ me. Sure it’s nice to hear comments from those that drop by, but I don’t think that’s the reason I write here.

So what’s new, eh? I suppose the biggest talking point for me of late, is my back/leg. An innocent incident at work, has left me with the burden of Sciatica, which let me tell you is NOT even cool, trust me. Intially the pain was excruciating, and I’d roll around on the floor in quite some agony, whilst so-called friends, and indeed occasionally my girlfriend would laugh at me, take pictures of me, and alike. How ‘Snyde’ is that, eh? It’s been 5-6 weeks now, since i’ve been back in the office, and during that time I’ve rarely left my apartment. 2 trips to my new doctor confirmed my suspicions as well as sorting me out with some decent painkillers (30mg Codeine), and gradually things have eased off. I can now stand up straight and just lately I’ve actually been able to walk out of my apartment complex, without being in some kind of agony. I suppose in a way, the title of this story isn’t really fair… On myself, I didn’t really do anything WRONG, to bring this upon myself, it was more a case of well, it could happen to anyone. The story goes, that my mate at work decided to try and cover me in that spray cream, I clearly didn’t fancy it, so ran out of the office, in hot pursuit. As I ran down the spiral-like stairs, I felt my back ‘twinge’ ever so slightly. I really didn’t think much of it at the time. Now, I would so gladly welcome being covered in cream (No homo!), in exchange for the pain, boredom, and annoyance it’s since caused me!

It’s strange, you never realize how important your back is, or how much it can effect you, until something goes wrong. At first the pain, despite initially being in the lower back was predominantly in my leg, from top to bottom. Shooting pain/throbbing, etc, it really was agony. These days, it’s more of an annoyance, I still can only sleep on one side, and standing for long periods results in a dull, aching pain which just leaves me wanting to sit down.

I really CANNOT wait til I am better, I am so sick of my apartment, I am sick of working from home, I want to see people, do things…

My friends at work have had fun, staging my iMac’s camera for when I remote desktop to it from home. I am sure more pictures will be added in due course:

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